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Staircase - canvas 40x40 cm


Stairs - canvas 40x40cm

Stairs - canvas 50x70cm

Garden canvas 40x40 cm

spring-carriage canvas 40x40cm 

boiled pepper and tomato, paper, 40x40cm

The last brick paper 40x40cm

Spring flowers canvas,40x50cm

Relations canvas 50x40 cm

opening book  canvas 70x70 cm

Possibility, canvas, 70x70cm

Forest, paper, 60x20cm

Anywhere, canvas 40x50cm

Embrace, paper, 50x40cm

Forest, paper,20x60cm

Gossiping women, paper, 40x40cm

Painter, paper, 40x40cm


Perpetum mobile 60x110cm

Fülöp Antal

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